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Does the digital dental film machine need to put film?

Digital dental X-ray photography technology is a convenient, fast and scientific diagnostic technology in modern dental imaging, and it is more and more popular in clinical practice.
Now let me talk about our digital X-ray machine. Our digital X-ray sensor. The user has used it several times, and the feeling is as follows: 1. There is no need for film, there is no processing time, and the image is directly displayed on the computer screen, which saves more time. 2. CCD adopts advanced chip technology to receive X-ray, and then edit it into digital information and send it to the computer. The obtained image is very clear, and the trabecular bone is clearly visible, which provides the greatest help for diagnosis and treatment. 3. The image can be re-processed, such as brightness, contrast adjustment, line distance, angular distance, density measurement, edge enhancement, black and white flip, 3D reconstruction, local magnification, pseudo-color, etc. to obtain the corresponding points of interest, In order to obtain more diagnostic information, this is unmatched by the traditional apical film technology. 4. The digital dental film can obtain high image quality with the smallest projected dose. Due to the short exposure time, the radiation dose of the digital device is minimized. 5. The equipped software is easy to operate, easy to manage, and the patient’s information is kept intact for easy access. However, there are also disadvantages such as thicker sensors and greater patient discomfort.
In general, the digital dental film machine does not need to put film, which greatly improves the efficiency of the clinic and provides a more reliable diagnosis basis. Many users have a profound experience in use.

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