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Double plane X-ray machine can be used to test kinematics

Recently we have received such customers who want to order a biplane X-ray machine, which can be used to test kinematics, but the performance parameters of the X-ray machine must be tested in advance before purchasing the X-ray machine. For X-ray machine testing and test items, it sounds simple, but in actual operation, a lot of experiments need to be done to prove the actual imaging effect of the dual-plane X-ray machine test kinematics. The following is our customized double-plane X-ray machine experimental program to test the performance parameters of the X-ray machine:

1. Let the X-ray machine shoot at a pulse frequency of 24 Hz under the conditions of 100 kV and 200 mA, that is, set the pulse width to 5 ms. Set the vibration frequency of the metronome to 60, 120, and 200. Under this parameter condition, use the pulse mode to capture images for a few seconds.

2. Under the above parameters, what is the maximum time that the system of the dual-plane X-ray machine can continuously collect?

At present, the dual-plane X-ray machine system has become a research hotspot at home and abroad, especially in the fields of clinical medicine and scientific research. Because the ultra-high precision of the dual-plane X-ray machine system has been highly recognized, it has a broad market prospect, and we hope that we will work together to create greater brilliance.

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