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DR X-ray machine for pets

Recently, a study showed that the antibodies produced by the alpaca can not only eliminate the new coronavirus, but also have a good therapeutic effect.

According to the “New York Times” report on the 6th, recently, Belgian scientists found that the alpaca antibodies can eliminate the new coronavirus, the researchers published the relevant results in the United States “Cell” (Cell) magazine on the 5th local time.

According to the research report, a common alpaca named Winter in Belgium participated in a series of studies on SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS). Scientists discovered that two An effective antibody against MERS and SARS, respectively, and scientists confirmed that these two antibodies can also eliminate the new coronavirus.

The author of the study, Dr. Xavier Saelens, a molecular virologist at Ghent University in Belgium, pointed out that because the alpaca antibodies are easily controlled and extracted, these alpaca antibodies can be Other antibodies (including human-made neocrown antibodies) are linked or fused, while these mixed antibodies can remain stable during the above operations.

I believe that the pet friends who have pets at home should be most worried that they are sick. After all, small animals are not as expressible as humans, so this time we need sophisticated equipment to check. Next, let us take a look at this pet DR X -ray machine, the picture is shown below. If you are interested in this device, please call us!


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