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Europe’s COVID-19 outbreak urgent, various countries respond,Imported a large amount of mobile DR

Although strict prevention and control measures have generally been adopted in European countries, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continued to spread on the 25th, and new diagnoses and deaths in many countries hit a record high.

As of the 25th, in Italy, the worst epidemic in Europe, there were a total of 74,386 new crown pneumonia confirmed cases and 7,503 deaths; Spain confirmed 47,610 cases and 3,434 deaths; Germany confirmed 31,554 cases, 149 deaths; France confirmed 25,233 deaths 1331 cases; 6412 confirmed cases in the Netherlands, 356 deaths; 5560 confirmed cases in Austria, 31 deaths.

Although the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Ireland, Poland, Romania, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, and Albania has just exceeded or has not reached 1,000, some signs are worrying. For example, Luxembourg, with 1,333 confirmed cases on the 25th, has a population of only 600,000; the Swedish capital, Stockholm, has killed 18 in the past 24 hours.

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