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Features of mobile X-ray machines

The use of mobile bedside X-ray machines (DR) is mainly for some special patients. Because traditional X-ray machines are bulky and heavy, it is already very difficult to put them in a fixed room. They are even more difficult.
However, for some patients who are unable to move independently due to serious illness, X-ray machine examination may be required, which may require a lot of tossing. There were some accidents during the move.
If the bedside mobile X-ray machine is used, it can be directly pushed to the patient’s bedside to take pictures of the patient. Because of the advantages of easy movement, easy operation, and fast imaging, the bedside X-ray machine has also been expanded to a certain extent. widely used.
When using the mobile DRX machine for X-ray examination in the ward, protective measures should be taken for patients adjacent to the bed (within 2m), and the useful wire harness should not be directed towards other patients. During the exposure, the staff should do a good job of self-protection, choose a reasonable standing position, and ensure that the posture of the patient and the subject can be observed during the exposure.
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