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Foot switch are used in C arms x ray machine

Foot switch are switches which control dynamic switches which are widely used in medical devices, entertainment devices, communications etc.

Foot switch control mechanical movements, which are configured into X-ray machines to control dynamic perspective.Did you know that the c-arm is exposed mainly through X-ray foot switch? C-arm X-ray machine is mainly used for surgery or orthopedic examination. It uses a 1 megapixel CCD camera, the image is clearer.

Pulsed fluoroscopy can meet the needs of minimally invasive surgery with high precision and difficulty because of its low radiation dose and clearer image.The double foot brake controller design can control the instrument in the operating room and out of the operating room respectively, which is convenient for medical staff, reduces the chance of medical staff and radiation exposure, and is safer for medical staff.

Newheek foot switch can replace Siemens c-arm Foot switch. And the combination of the structure can be easily combined into a single, double, triple or quadruple form.

Newheek foot switch also enable custom waterproof switches. Meet your different purchasing needs.If you are interested in the Foot switch, please contact us!

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