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Handheld or seated dental x-ray machine

Everyone must be confused whether the hand-held or seated dental X-ray machine is better. Which one should you choose? Below we will discuss their respective advantages.
The intuitive advantage of the handheld is its small size and light weight. In addition, its battery has a long service life and is durable. It can take 500 dental films on a full charge and can be fully charged and discharged 1000 times. The advantage of the sitting type is that the radiation is low, the radiation dose is only 1% of the national regulations, and it can be used for washing teeth and fast imaging. In addition, it is also equipped with a pneumatic liftable seat, which is more convenient and comfortable. All of them can be used together with the digital intraoral X-ray imaging system to form an oral digital imaging system.
All in all, they each have their own advantages, and everyone depends on their own needs and chooses the right product for them. If you need a dental X-ray machine, please contact us.

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