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Hebei customer inquiry for hand-held industrial perspective machine

The hebei customer inquired hand-held industrial perspective machine. This is an old customer who consulted the vertical perspective machine before for nondestructive testing of steel plates and observing the welds inside the steel plates.This time the client came to inquire whether we have a hand-held industrial perspective machine.

We explained to the customer that handheld industrial perspective machine is not suitable for steel plate shooting due to its small size and limited shooting dose.The customer said that his product was suitable for handheld devices and then we sent him the technical parameters and product photos, and he asked what size the machine was.We explained to the customer that the X-ray machine was the size an adult could operate with one hand. The device was equipped with a handle and a window to view the image. We marked the position of the X-ray machine on the photo for the customer.The customer asked if this X-ray machine could shoot parts with a distance of about 3 meters. We explained that this hand-held X-ray machine is a small equipment and can only shoot small parts in a short distance, not from a long distance.The customer is advised to look for a larger X-ray machine.

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