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How does a high voltage power generator work?

In the components of the X-ray machine, the high-voltage generator plays a very important role, so what is the working principle of the high-voltage generator? Let’s talk briefly today.
The main function of the high-voltage generator is to supply power to the cathode and anode of the X-ray tube and to heat the filament.
The inverter frequency of the high-frequency and high-voltage generator is greater than 20KHz. After the frequency of the high-voltage generator is increased to this state, its KV output is basically constant, the fluctuation is very small, the waveform period is very short, and the shortest 1ms between exposures can be controlled. .
High-frequency and high-voltage generators are small in size, light in weight, large in output energy and short in control time. They are our first choice for purchasing high-voltage generators.

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