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How much is a dr device

One of the biggest deciding factors in our choice to add or upgrade to digital imaging is cost. Despite being the most common question, no company can tell you exactly what the price is without discussing your specific needs with you. Today, most computed radiography (CR) or cassette imaging solutions are priced below $20,000 clinically, while digital radiography (DR) solutions are typically priced closer to $30,000. However, several factors often affect the cost of making such changes in your business. The three most influential factors are the X-ray source, clinic needs and additional components.
1 X-ray source
First, do you already have an X-ray source? This is one of the keys to the question of total cost, and of course also depends on your equipment. If your clinic does not yet have an X-ray source or needs new equipment, this will have a significant impact on the cost of adding a digital imaging solution. New X-ray sources may also require new wiring and shielding, as well as protection schemes. Of course you may also want to upgrade your existing X-ray source for more power.

2 Clinic needs Most clinics consider two different imaging options when adding a digital imaging solution. CR system is digital processing based on cassette, which has almost been eliminated in the Chinese market, while DR is digital image processing of direct capture, which is more convenient and fast to process images. High-volume clinics should consider the efficiency of DR, but also have the highest average cost and may lack flexibility compared to CR systems.
3, Additional parts If you choose to use the DR system, also need to consider wired or wireless detectors. In fact, many radiology rooms use wired tablets that connect directly to computers, but there are also many applications that require or benefit from mobile wireless DR. If you also want to add a Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) to view your images on other computers, add a protective or load-bearing cover to your device, and other accessories you can of course add.
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