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How much is a medical DR

How to choose a medical DR, you can choose according to your specific purpose. If you want a medical DR device that can go to the countryside for physical examination for convenience and speed, then you can choose mobile DR. If you are an orthopedic clinic, you need to take it. For the lumbar spine, pelvis and other parts, it is recommended that you choose a sickle arm X-ray machine for a long time.
We, Newheek, are a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of medical DR machines. The main medical DR machines we produce include sickle arm X-ray machines, mobile DR, and double column DR. These medical DR equipment range from portable DR machines to sickle arm X-ray machines. Prices range from 100,000 to 500,000. We can recommend the most suitable medical DR equipment for you according to your requirements.

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