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How to choose a suitable X-ray exposure switch for the X-ray machine

The x-ray exposure switch is a control accessory of the equipment, which can be used to control the switch of electrical signals. It is mainly used in X-ray machines and photographic equipment.
The x-ray exposure switch is one of the important components for controlling the exposure of the X-ray machine. The x-ray exposure switch produced by Newheek company can replace the traditional mechanical x-ray exposure switch, avoiding the shortcomings of the mechanical x-ray exposure switch that cannot work normally due to prolonged use of contact oxidation.
The Newheek x-ray exposure switch adopts Omron’s double micro switch, which increases the service life by 6 times. Stable performance, feel more comfortable and durable. There are three gears, one gear, two gears and three gears to choose from. Second, our x-ray switches usually consist of a handle, spring wire, bracket and plug. Different types of x-ray exposure switches are suitable for different types of x-ray machines. Our x-ray switches have lengths of 3 meters, 6 meters and 10 meters. The length can also be customized according to customer requirements.
The x-ray exposure switch can keep doctors away from the operation of the x-ray machine. For absorbing unnecessary rays every day, the x-ray exposure switch has become an indispensable device.
Newheek produces a total of two wireless x-ray exposure switches and six wired x-ray exposure switches. Different models are suitable for different devices. The core, cord length and plug of the x-ray exposure switch we produce can be customized according to customer requirements. If you are interested in this x-ray exposure switch, please send your purchase requirements to

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