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How to choose an X-ray machine suitable for orthopedic clinics

The following factors need to be considered:
Orthopedic applications: Make sure that the selected X-ray machine has the features required for orthopedic applications. Orthopedic clinics often need to perform x-rays of bones, joints, and spine, so it is important to choose an x-ray machine that can provide high-resolution bone images.
Ease of operation: Choose an X-ray machine with a simple and easy-to-operate interface that enables orthopedic surgeons and technicians to take quick and accurate shots. It should also be considered whether it has automatic adjustment functions, such as automatic exposure and positioning, to improve work efficiency.
Radiation dose: When choosing an X-ray machine, pay attention to its radiation dose. X-ray machines with low radiation doses are critical to patient safety and the health of healthcare workers. Make sure that the selected X-ray machine complies with the relevant radiation safety standards.
Fast imaging: Choosing an X-ray machine with fast imaging function can reduce patient shooting time and waiting time, and improve work efficiency and patient mobility.
Adaptability: Consider the adaptability and versatility of X-ray machines. An orthopedic clinic may need to complete many types of bone and joint images, so it is important to choose an x-ray machine that can meet the needs of different applications.
Installation and after-sales service: Choose a reliable supplier who can provide installation and after-sales service to ensure that the equipment can operate normally and deal with any failures and problems in a timely manner.
Finally, choose the right X-ray machine based on your orthopedic practice’s needs and budget. It is best to consult a professional medical equipment supplier or technician for professional advice and guidance for orthopedic applications.
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