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How to choose the brand of medical X-ray machine

Medical X-ray machine is a common medical device used in various hospitals and other medical institutions to film or photograph the human body. According to the specific use scenarios, it can be divided into portable X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines, stationary X-ray machines, etc.
The portable X-ray machine is composed of an organic head and a frame. It is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry. It is especially suitable for use in scenes such as going to the countryside for physical examination. It can mainly be used to photograph the limbs, chest and other parts of the human body.
The mobile X-ray machine is more complex in structure than the portable X-ray machine, and its volume and weight are relatively large, but it can be moved and is mainly used for bedside machines. It can easily move between different departments without requiring the patient to move, which greatly facilitates doctors and patients.
The fixed X-ray machine cannot move the dog casually. It must be placed in a fixed lead room. The patient needs to enter the lead room for shooting. It can also shoot the limbs, thoracic cavity, lumbar spine, pelvis and other parts of the human body.
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