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How to select a bucky stand for a flat panel detector with two handles?

Recently, a customer inquired about a fixed bucky stand, saying that the hospital used a 1717 wireless tablet detector. The customer took a fancy to the NK17SG side-mounted bucky stand on our website.

We confirm with the customer whether the flat panel detector used by the hospital has a handle ,the customer said there are two handles.We explained to the client that when the plate detector with two handles is installed in the side release box, the handle on one side may get in the way. The side release box structure is like a drawer. When the drawer is pushed in, if the inside part has a handle protrude, the drawer may not be able to push in completely.

We have recommended the NKDRSG bucky stand for him. This bucky stand is specially designed for tablet detector. It is equipped with wired wireless tablet without handle, with one handle or with two handles for tablet detector.

If you are interested in the bucky stand for DR plate detector, please call us.

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