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How to use the hand-held dental tablet machine

Do you know how to use the handheld dental tablet machine?
The handheld dental tablet machine is a DC high-frequency portable oral X-ray machine, which is small in size, light in weight and low in dose.
The battery of the handheld dental tablet machine has a long service life and is durable. A full charge can take 500 dental films, and it can be fully charged and discharged 1000 times.
The handheld dental tablet machine can be used together with the digital intraoral X-ray imaging system to form an oral digital imaging system, replacing the dental tablet.
There are manual buttons on the surface of the hand-held dental tablet machine equipment, and the operation is simple. All components are centrally installed on the central computer motherboard, and the structure of insulating vacuum and sealing protection makes the performance of the machine more excellent.
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