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How to use the sensor of the dental tablet machine

Recently, users who purchased our dental  sensors encountered problems when installing them. The user installs and uses it strictly according to the steps in the manual, but it always shows a connection error when exposed. At the beginning, our technology thought that there was a problem with the hardware, and we suggested that users send our products back to the factory for inspection.
The customer is also very cooperative with this. We did not find any problems after receiving the dental sensor and sending it to the maintenance department for inspection. In order to avoid the recurrence of problems and delay the customer’s opening and use, we sent a new sensor to the customer.
After the customer received the second set of dental sensors, following the same steps to install it on the computer still does not work. Our technology also operated remotely for more than 2 hours to detect what was the reason? Changed the computer and the USB port and it still doesn’t work. After understanding, the customer’s computer is a brand and a model, Bolun handsome all-in-one computer. We recommend that customers install on another brand of computer to see if they can be installed and used normally? After the customer installed it on an ASUS desktop, it was normal to take pictures, and there would be no automatic exposure problem. So there must be a problem with the customer’s computer, so in order to avoid such a situation from happening again. We advise customers not to use other brands of compatible machines, Lenovo, HP, Dell or LG are fine.

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