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Image intensifier tube electrostatic lens

The role of the classic lens of the image intensifier tube is to focus the electron beam. Its constituent part refers to an electric field region composed of a photocathode, a focusing electrode, an auxiliary anode, an anode, and the like.

The image intensifier output screen is used to convert an enhanced electronic image into a visible image. Its composition is composed of aluminum foil, phosphor layer and glass layer. The glass layer is part of the image intensifier housing and is the support for the output screen.
Phosphor layer: It is coated on the glass layer with ZnGds (Ag); its function is to receive electrons to produce strong visible light.

Aluminum foil: after being located in the phosphor layer, the thickness is about 0.5 um or less, and is connected to the anode; in order to change the edge sharpness, the output screen of the phenomenon is concave.

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