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Imaging Principle of Portable X-ray Fluoroscopy Machine

What is the imaging principle of the portable X-ray fluoroscopy machine? The hand-held fluoroscopy machine is a small X-ray machine. The X-tube current is only 0.5 mA, and the high voltage is 70-90KV. It belongs to the high-frequency X-ray machine. After processing, you can see a very bright image, and you don’t need a dark room to use it.
The portable fluoroscopy machine is mainly used in orthopedics, hand surgery, surgery and other departments. It is used for on-site fluoroscopy observation during the treatment of patients with limb fracture reduction and Kirschner wire. It is also very convenient to take foreign bodies from muscles.
This product is actually a perspective tool for doctors in clinical departments, just like another pair of eyes of orthopedic doctors who can see the bones in the flesh. The function is similar to that of a small C-arm machine. It can be used in operating rooms, rehabilitation rooms, wards, and outpatient clinics. The product is very light in weight and does not need to be turned on and warmed up. When in use, the doctor holds the device by hand.
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