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Industrial digital X-ray machine

Industrial digital X-ray machine is also one of the hot search products this year. Many customers call to inquire about our industrial X-ray machine. What are the precautions for the use of industrial radiographers? When using the industrial X-ray machine, be careful not to use it uninterruptedly. If it is used continuously, the heat capacity of the tube is required to be larger.

Briefly introduce our industrial X-ray machine:
configuration list:
Serial number Product name Quantity
1 40KHZ/50KW high frequency high voltage generator set
2 9″ high-definition image intensifiers one
3 17″ high-definition LCD monitor, computer host (gift) set
4 NK-AM1566 digital camera one
5 X-ray tube components set
6 electric beam limiter set
7 Detachable rotary test bench (custom-made) a set

If you are interested in our industrial X-ray machine, please contact our customer service.

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