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Industrial X-ray machine for detecting epoxy resin

On the 15th, local time, US President Trump said at the White House that the United States has started to develop a new coronavirus vaccine on January 11, and hopes to make it available by the end of the year.
The Governor of Chang’an Street noticed that because of the poor prevention and control of the epidemic, the United States has become the epicenter of the new epidemic. Trump has always dumped his responsibility on China and threw ridiculous remarks such as “China’s Concealment.” Now Trump personally tells the time when the United States began to develop vaccines. Whether the United States has known the situation of the new coronavirus, it really needs an explanation to the world.
According to the White House website, Trump said that from the early days of the New Corona Virus pandemic, they had brought together American researchers from the government and private sector, academia, and even around the world to tackle the virus.
Trump revealed that “Scientists of the National Institutes of Health (HIN) began to develop the first candidate vaccine on January 11 (US time).”
Trump also flaunted, “Think about it, within hours of the viral gene sequence being posted online … We tried to develop a vaccine without even knowing what we were facing.”
Trump boasted of his anti-epidemic achievements, and proudly said what he should not have said. Let’s take a look at the internal logic of vaccine development given by Trump.

Recently, many users have consulted and tested industrial X-ray machines for epoxy resins. For this situation, customers are concerned about X-ray machines and room protection. X-ray machines can be customized according to customer products. For room protection, one In this case, decoration is carried out in the existing room. For example, if the lead sheet is used for protection, the thickness of the lead sheet is generally greater than 2MM. For good fixation, it is usually fixed with a composite board of 5MM or more. The other is that there is no ready-made room. When building a house, paint barium sulfate on the wall, and lead plates can also be added inside the wall. Most X-ray machines currently use digital systems. For the general configuration, a 9-inch image intensifier, basic software development kit, and manual rotation of the test bench are used. If it is a high-end software upgrade, the 9-inch image intensifier is changed to a 12-inch image intensifier, and a customized electric rotating test bench is used. For the software upgrade version, an additional set of processors is required to upgrade the functions such as parameter encryption settings and image optimization processing. After the upgrade, the performance will be more stable, preventing malicious changes to the device parameters after the movement of personnel.

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