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Industrial X-ray machine non-destructive detection

Some customers call us to inquire about our industrial X-ray machines. Industrial X-ray machines are a kind of X-ray inspection machines used in the industrial manufacturing, that is industrial non-destructive detection X-ray machines . The machine can detect various industrial components, electronic components, and the internal circuit.

The principle of industrial X-ray machines is a non-destructive detecting method that uses the characteristics of X-rays to penetrate materials to find defects. Therefore,this X-ray machine can detect internal defects in metal and non-metal materials. We use the method of X-ray transillumination to show the internal defects of the parts and welding of the material on the X-ray film to evaluate the quality of the product, so as to improve the quality of the product.

The industrial X-ray machine for non-destructive detection produced by our company consists of a 50KW high-frequency high-voltage generator, a high-frequency independent head, X-ray tube components, an imaging system, a digital camera, and integrated industrial software. The machine head is a high-frequency independent machine head, a non- combined machine head, which can run continuously for a long time.

Industrial X-ray machine non-destructive detection, not only can detect auto parts, electronic parts, castings, containers, semiconductors, lithium batteries, but also can detect cracks, bubbles, internal defects in glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc.Therefore,this X-ray machine can eliminate product quality risks.

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