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Industrial X-ray machine structure classification

X-ray machine is the most important equipment in industrial ray inspection, this time we focus on the structure of X-ray machine
The ordinary X-ray machine used in industrial ray inspection consists of an X-ray tube, a high-voltage generator, a cooling system and a control system.
X-ray machines can be classified according to the shape and structure, use function, working frequency and type of insulating medium. Currently, the most commonly used ones are divided into three categories according to the structure.
1. Portable
This type of X-ray machine generally uses a combined X-ray generator. Its X-ray tube, high-voltage generator, and cooling system are installed together in a casing. It is often called a ray generator. The whole machine control box and the ray generator are two parts. It is composed of low-voltage cables.
The portable X-ray machine with inflatable insulation, the tube voltage generally does not exceed 350KV, the tube current usually adopts a fixed value of 5mA, and the continuous working time is generally 5min. Due to its small size, light weight, and easy to carry, it is suitable for field operations at high altitude and in the field. .
2. Mobile
This type of X-ray machine uses a separate X-ray generator. The high-voltage generator (generally two symmetrical high-voltage generators) and the X-ray tube are separated, and a high-voltage cable is used to connect the two. In order to improve work efficiency, a forced oil circulation cooling system with good cooling effect is generally used. Therefore, the tube current can be increased. For example, the current of the X-ray machine tube with a larger focus can reach 20 mA, and the continuous working time can be extended. However, its volume and weight are relatively large, and it is generally installed on a mobile cart for fixed or semi-fixed use occasions.
2. Fixed
The basic structure is the same as the mobile X-ray machine, the difference is only that the working voltage is higher (mainly used in about 400kv and above), the volume and weight are larger, and it is not easy to move and fixed in the X-ray machine room. Types are mixed.
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