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Inquiry of 20kw high voltage generator

Customers from Pakistan asked us about a 20kw high voltage generator. Simply put, the price of a high-voltage generator is similar, but the parameters will be slightly different. Ask the customer what current is being used? The customer said that the single-phase voltage of 220v is being used. We can customize a high voltage generator according to customer needs.

Briefly introduce our high voltage generator:
General parameters
Output Power 50kW (50C) 20 kW (20C) 32kW (32C)
Rated Power Voltage 220VAC ±10% 50/60Hz ±1%
Tube Voltage Accuracy ±3%
Tube Current Accuracy <±4% (ms >5 5 ) <±13% (ms ≤5 5 )
Anode Rotation 2800r/min
Operation Key Full Touch Screen
Parameters calibration Automatic calibration by One Key
Appearance&dimensions as attached
If you also need to buy or customize a high voltage generator, please contact our customer service.

Author: Alina

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