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Inquiry of 21’ medical monitor

Recently, many customers have asked us for information about medical monitors. Mr. C from Malaysia asked us about the details of the 21-inch medical monitor, asked about the ex-factory price and so on.
Introduce the Newheek medical monitor to you today. Newheek medical monitor is divided into normal monitor and DR monitor. Let me introduce you to the general medical monitor today:
Newheek NK1410A Medical X-Ray Monitor

I. Brief Introduction:
It is the high definition gray level monitor which is special designed for matching of medical and industrial image display. This monitor adopts special display tube and image signal process technology that makes image has high contrast ratio, rich details and different scanning systems, which can be Matched with different fluoroscopy application system.
II. Application:
It is application to the image displays of X-ray image intensifier TV system and C-arm angiography etc medical image system.
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Author: Alina

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