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Inquiry of high voltage power supply

Mr. J, a customer from the Philippines, asked us to replace the high-voltage power supply TH-7195B from Thales.

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“Hi, I’m interested in your product. I would like some more details.
I look forward to your reply.”
The customer also attached a picture of his own old high-voltage power supply.
Simply introduce to us Newheek’s own high voltage power supply TH-30B2.
It can completely replace Thales’ TH-7195B.
Input voltage: DC 24V
Voltage: 30 ± 2 KV
G4: 2.4-3KV
G3: 2.4KV~12.5KV
G2: 300V~1100V
G1: 100V~300V
G3, G2, and G1 can be used for 9′, 6′, 4′ respectively.
Each has 3 levels of presets.

Author: Alina

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