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Inquiry of portable X ray machine from Colombia

The portable X-ray machine is also a hot product of ours. Customers from Colombia ask us for information about portable X-ray machines.

Classification of veterinary X ray machinesX ray machine
Simply introduce the details of the Newheek portable X-ray machine:
1. Applicatin: it is mainly applicable for lumbar spine, chest, limbs, hand, foot, mouth and other
Parts x-ray radiography. Include image collect, image acquisition, image transmission and
Image processing software.
2. Characters:
(1) Adopt 4kW portable digital x-ray camera (DR). It can be operated under the normal 220
(2) Adopt 40kHz high frequency inverter technology, produce the stable high voltage output,
Which can obtain good image.
(3) The machine with suspended frame can make quick, multi angle and location radiography.
(4) Fast imaging speed, it only needs 10s to obtain the digital image after exposure.
(5) It can be matched with 14″×17″ flat panel detector freely.

Author: Alina

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