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Inquiry of Radiotherapy imaging x ray machine

Many customers are currently consulting us for high-frequency X-ray machines, such as the 50kw radiography X-ray machine and the 50kw medical diagnositic x ray machine. Customers from Tunisia are asking us for the price of a Radiotherapy imaging x ray machine:
Classification of 500ma medical X ray machine
To put it simply, if you ask Newheek about the price of the machine, you need to provide us with information about your company and contact information in order to help us make the quotation. Otherwise we can’t quote.
Newheek Radiotherapy imaging x ray machine:
It is mainly used on the chest, belly, stomach, intestine, bone and soft tissue fluoroscopy and radiography examination.
Safety X-Ray Protection System
X-Ray tube allows load and heat capacity management, which is controlled by micro computer and protect x-ray tube more safely.
Satisfied Safety Function
Faults self diagnostic function, it can judge the fault status faster and more accurate, it can make self protection and displays the
Fault code, which is convenient for maintenance.

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