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Inquiry of X-ray machine and film

Mr. R, a customer from Nepal, consulted us about X-ray machines and film. The enquiry is as follows:

Mr. R claims to be a distributor in Nepal and wants to work with our Newheek. Mainly asking if we are producing X-ray machines and film? In fact, our Newheek is producing X-ray machines and components, not producing film. However, if the customer purchases an X-ray machine at our Newheek, they still need
Purchase other related products such as film. We can help customers contact the manufacturer free of charge and help customers purchase film at the dealer’s price.
Briefly introduce the Newheek 500mA radiography X-ray machine:
Product Highlight
· Intelligent automatic, adopt AEC iron chamber design, the doctor only needs to choose the exposure
Body part, the x-ray can adjust exposure dose and finish exposure.
· Digital, it can make exposure by user PC interface, which can realize the generator and PC operation
Seamless connection.
If you want to buy an X-ray machine, please contact our customer service.

Author: Alina

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