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Introduction of NEWHEEK chest bucky stand model

Introduction of NEWHEEK bucky stand model

In newheek, there are many kinds of chest bucky stand, such as NK14DY or NKDRSY and so on.

So what think they mean? How can the customer need to figure out exactly what type of chest bucky stand he needs?
Now come with me and gets to know it.
NK, is the abbreviation of newheek
DR, that is, a DR plate detector can be placed in a cassette
14, the size of the cassette is 14*17
17, the size of the cassette is 17*17
J, is simple and lightweight
D, is an electric device
G, is fixed on the ground
S, is a manual device
Y, is with a mobile device

So NK17DG is meaning the bucky stand of NEWHEEK is fixed type and with cassette size 17*17, with electric device .

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