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Introduction to flat plate detector

Flat panel detector in digital photography, the transformation of X-ray into electrical signals is realized through the flat panel detector, so the characteristics of the flat panel detector will have a greater impact on the quality of DR image.
1. Digital image (DR) has the advantages of clear and fine image, high resolution, wide gray scale, large amount of information and large dynamic range.
2. High density and resolution and more image details are the most important characteristics of digital X-ray image (DR) over ordinary radiography.
Introduction to flat plate detector
3. DR projection is fast, and the influence of motion artifacts is very small.This is especially true for children who are prone to crying and for elderly patients who cannot hold their breath.
4. DR imaging has low radiation.Because the sensitivity of the plate detector of digital X-ray image (DR) is much higher than that of ordinary X-ray film, it only needs relatively small energy to obtain satisfactory image. Digital X – ray images (DR) radiations are 30% – 70% less than normal images.
Newheek plate detector is divided into wired type and wireless type.
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