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Introduction to medical monitors

The medical monitor with high resolution and gray scale is designed according to the special needs of medical image.
1. The use of high-definition display tube and related image signal processing technology, so that the display image has a high contrast, rich levels and details, is a necessary supporting product to achieve medical digitalization.
Introduction to medical monitors
2. Suitable for X-ray television, X-ray computed tomography device, cardiac and angiographic X-ray machine (including digital subtraction equipment), magnetic resonance imaging device, ultrasonic diagnosis and other medical image display.
3. Scanning system includes ccir625/50, ccir1249/50, eia525/60, eia1049/60, 625/100, VESA800* 600/75hz progressive scanning.
4. The screen size is 24 cm, 24 cm, 31 cm, 35 cm, 43 cm and 51 cm.
Newheek medical monitor is divided into high scan and general scan, which can meet your different procurement needs.

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