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Introduction to mobile table materials

Mobile table is an important part of the X-ray machine.Our medical X-ray table can be divided into various types and models.Divided into human and pet mobile table.Subdivided into fixed, mobile and four – way floating.
Newheek mobile table bed surface material is divided into density board, plexiglass and carbon fiber three materials, you can choose the appropriate material according to your needs. And the mobile table prices of different materials are different.
Introduction to mobile table materials
Due to the advantages of high imaging quality, high intensity, strong fatigue resistance, light weight and so on, the X-ray radiation medical bed panel made of carbon fiber composite material has a good penetrability of the material itself, which can effectively reduce the harm of radiation to patients.
The panel with high uniformity and few impurities is good for X-ray transmission, making the image clearer and facilitating doctors to make accurate judgment according to the image.
Newheek mobile table can meet your different purchasing needs.

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