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Introduction to stereoscopic fluoroscopy machine

The column support of the Stereoscopic fluoroscopy machine is composed of the column body and the horizontal arm. The horizontal arm can move up and down the column. The right side of the horizontal arm is equipped with image intensifier + digital camera.
The left side of the transverse arm is equipped with X-ray tube+ X-ray collimator.
Under normal conditions, the left and right sides of the crossarm can be contracted.The rotary table consists of a base and a lift. The base can be moved back and forth along the direction of the column. The knob on the lift can be moved up and down.
Introduction to stereoscopic perspective machine
The high pressure generator provides high pressure to the X-ray tube, which emits x-rays, the X-ray collimator restricts x-rays, and the beam splitter has a window to adjust the size of the field of view.
1, composition
NDT industrial non-destructive testing stereoscopic machine is composed of X-ray tube component, high voltage generator, remote control board, column, foot switch, X-ray collimator, image intensifier TV system.
2. Scope of application
NDT industrial nondestructive testing stereoscopy machine is mainly used in the field of industrial nondestructive testing.
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