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Is pet x-ray machine a medical device

Pet X-ray machines are medical devices, but compared with human medical devices, the requirements for pet X-ray machines are not so strict. For example, human X-ray machines must have a medical device registration certificate before they can be used in hospitals and clinics at all levels. There is no mandatory requirement for pet X-ray machines.
The pet X-ray machine is an X-ray machine used for filming and testing the pet’s head, spine, limbs, pelvis, tail and other parts. When purchasing, customers need to consider the size and parts of the main pets to choose.
Generally, pet clinics can choose a 5kW pet X-ray machine for shooting small and medium-sized animals such as cats and dogs. It is composed of a 5kW portable X-ray machine and a fixed pet filming bed. It can also be used with a digital DR imaging system. The maximum tube voltage of this DR pet X-ray machine can reach 125kV, and the maximum tube current can reach 100mA, which can take pictures of various parts of the body of small and medium-sized animals. The matching fixed filming bed is electromagnetically locked on the bed surface, and the foot switch can be used to control the four-way floating, so as to move the pet to change different parts for shooting. Digital imaging can see the captured pictures in real time, reducing the time for pets to visit the doctor and improving the work efficiency of doctors. Moreover, the workstation software can store the image, which is convenient for the next visit or review.
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