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Is the image intensifier still necessary?

In the X-ray machine system, in order to enhance the final clarity and reduce the damage of radiation to the subject, researchers are tirelessly pursuing to obtain clearer imaging with a smaller X-ray dose. Among them, the image intensifier appeared in this process, so in the face of modern advanced science and technology, is it necessary to use the image intensifier?
Let’s briefly talk about the principle of the image intensifier. Here, we will talk about the commonly used ones. Generally, the final imaging clarity is improved by reducing the display area and increasing the speed of the electron beam.
Under the current technical conditions, the general new X-ray machine system does not need to be specially equipped with an image intensifier, because the image intensifier has its own inherent defects, we will not talk about it for the time being.
On the old X-ray machine, because of its design, it still needs an image intensifier to assist in order to better image. X-ray machines are relatively expensive, so it is also a good option to choose to repair and replace the image intensifier when it can be used.
Therefore, image intensifiers are still necessary now.

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