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Is the on-board Dr Mobile Dr

Generally speaking, on-board Dr Refers to the fixed DRX machine installed on the vehicle, which does not belong to the mobile Dr As we usually say. Vehicle-borne DR is popular during the pandemic, as it is needed for workers to return to work and students to return to school for medical check-ups. Vehicle DR is mainly used to take chest X-ray for physical examination of the human body. Vehicle-mounted DR has different styles. The commonly used vehicle-mounted DR is mainly composed of high voltage generator, X-ray ball tube, photo frame, digital flat panel detector, display, medical software and other equipment.
The size of vehicle-mounted DR equipment needs to be selected according to the size of the vehicle. Generally, the focal length of chest radiography needs 1.8m, because
This selection vehicle cannot be too small. When customers need to assemble their own on-board DR equipment system after purchasing the vehicle, they can put the vehicle inside
The size of the part will be provided to us, and engineers will design the style and placement of various equipment according to the needs of customers.
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