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Is the X-ray equipment in the orthopedic clinic radiating a lot?

The radiation dose of X-ray machines commonly used in orthopedic diagnosis is not very large, and a series of protective measures are generally taken to protect the safety of patients and medical staff when using these devices. For example, during X-ray examinations, medical staff will leave the examination room or use lead protective clothing, goggles and other equipment to reduce their own radiation exposure. As for patients, they will wear lead protective clothing such as waist guards, chest guards, and neck guards according to the examination needs to reduce the impact of radiation. It should be noted that if a person needs to undergo multiple X-ray examinations, long-term exposure to X-ray radiation will also have a certain impact on health. Therefore, when using it for orthopedic examinations, you should also follow the doctor’s advice and avoid excessive use. If you have any doubts about the safety of X-ray radiation, you can consult your doctor, or learn about the relevant local radiation safety regulations.
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