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    Lead Coat

Lead Coat

Lead coat is a special kind of clothing. Lead coat can shield the radiation to minimize the radiation received by the patient during the physical examination. All countries in the world require shielding and protection of non-examination parts, especially gonads and thyroid glands, when radiological examinations are performed.
For doctors in hospitals, radiation protection walls, radiation protection doors and windows and lead clothing can play a very good role in protection during inspections. For patients, a set of lead scarfs, apronscaps, etc. are needed to protect themselves. Lead clothing is an indispensable radiation protection tool for medical treatment, industry and scientific research.

Lead Apron

Lead Coat

Reference Size

Size Length Width Appilcable Body
Small 90cm 55cm 165~170cm
Medium 100cm 60cm 170~180cm
Large 110cm 60cm 180~185cm

Protective Performance Parameter

Lead Equivalent 0.25mmPb 0.35mmPb 0.5mmPb
Shield Effectiveness 96% 97.5% 98.5%


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