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    lead protective glasses

Lead Protective Glasses

  • Brand Name: Newheek
    Product Name: Lead Glasses
    Lead equivalent: 0.5 mmPB (customizable)
    Material : lead glass
    Function: Eye protection, X-ray protection, and other radiation protection
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The main raw material for lead glasses is made of radiation resistant lead protective glass, so its weight is relatively heavier than ordinary glasses. It has the function of shielding X-rays and R-rays. It is mainly suitable for X-ray rooms in hospitals. Lead protective glasses provide comprehensive protection for the front and side of the eyes, allowing you to better protect your eyes during work.

Precautions for using lead protective glasses:
1. The selected protective lead glasses should be products that have been inspected and approved by product inspection agencies;
2. The width and size of lead protective glasses should be suitable for the user’s facial shape;
3. The lens is worn and rough, and the frame is damaged, which can affect the operator’s vision. It should be replaced in a timely manner;
4. Protective lead glasses should be used by a dedicated person to prevent the spread of eye diseases;
5. The filter and protective film for welding protective lead glasses should be selected and replaced according to the prescribed operation requirements;
6. Prevent heavy falls and pressure, and prevent hard objects from rubbing against the lenses and face mask.

lead protective glasses
lead protective glasses

protective performance parameter
Lead Equivalent 0.25mmPb 0.35mmPb 0.5mmPb
Shield Effectiveness 96.00% 97.50% 98.50%

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