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Many customers consult our double-column X-ray machine

Many customers come to inquire about double-column X-ray machines, especially for grassroots units. Compared with mobile dr, double-column X-ray machines may be more cost-effective and have comprehensive functions. Therefore, they can also meet their needs for diagnosis and treatment. The double-column X-ray machine is a combination of a medical X-ray machine, a filming table and a vertical filming stand. When taking pictures of the patient’s limbs or head in different positions, the patient can lie on the filming table and change postures as needed. Its main feature is the linkage control operation, the chest frame and the tube can focus at the same time, the double-column X-ray machine can basically meet all shooting needs, and it is also a popular product in the dr industry.
What are the performance characteristics of the double column X-ray machine?
1Green low-dose, high-frequency delivery technology ensures green low-dose, giving patients more care
2. Efficient image link system. It can be processed by a digital system to ensure the quality of graphics while also shortening the processing time
3. Reasonable structure design. Easily realize the multi-function of the single board, meet the multi-position projection function of various parts, have obvious advantages in the projection of special positions, and improve the comfort of patients
If you are interested in our double-column X-ray machine, welcome to consult.

double-column X-ray machine

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