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Medical x ray machine for security inspection

Recently, Shenzhen ** Co., Ltd. consulted newhek’s medical x ray machine, is it possible to check other parts of the body except the head? For example, what food has been eaten in the stomach, these need to be checked one by one, that is to say, the medical x ray machine consulted by the customer requires a comprehensive investigation from neck to toe. The customer requested that the medical x ray machine itself be in one room, and the console should be in another room. Because it was done in cooperation with the government department, the appearance of the medical x ray machine was required to be different from the medical equipment. The patient should not be able to tell that this is a medical x ray machine.
Under normal circumstances, our medical x ray machine is mainly used for chest and abdomen fluoroscopy. If customers have special needs, we can also customize them. But if it is to detect what food has been eaten in the stomach, it is a little bit difficult. Because foods that have been eaten are often easily penetrated by X-rays, it is impossible to detect specific types of foods that are eaten normally. However, the purpose of this customer in Shenzhen is not to detect the food we usually eat, but to cooperate with public servants to detect illegal items in the stomach of some suspicious individuals.
Dear users, our medical x ray machinecan be used for security inspection under normal circumstances. But some special requirements need to be customized. If you still have any questions, Welcome to contact us.

Author: Lillian

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