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Mobile bedside X-ray machine suitable for physical examination in community hospitals

Recently, many community hospitals have inquired about mobile bedside X-ray machines. This set of equipment is very suitable for community hospitals. The price is not only cheap but also meets the daily inspection needs. Regarding the issue of film processing, because this is a simple small mobile bedside X-ray machine, it cannot print film directly. Users can use it with CR and DR, and then use the film processor to process the film. Finally, the customer raised a question about the third-party certification and testing. The customer meant that if the third-party certification was due to the mobile bedside X-ray machine equipment, the test failed, the customer needs to return the product. Tell the customer: The mobile bedside X-ray machine has been tested by Liaoning. If the third party you find is unqualified, the manufacturer’s engineer can cooperate to do the corresponding test, because the testing standards in each place may be We cannot ensure that there are no problems at all due to the differences. If the customer does not agree with this approach, in principle we do not support returns. It is reasonable for customers to have this question, but what I want to tell you is that this mobile bedside X-ray machine has a complete qualification certificate, and strict testing will be carried out before it leaves the factory to ensure that it is correct before it leaves the factory. Shipped. After all, we don’t want to trouble ourselves.
Finally, I want to tell you that the premise of cooperation is mutual trust. Since you have chosen the manufacturer’s products, you should trust the quality of the products. Even if there are any problems, the two sides negotiate to resolve them, cooperation can be more win-win.


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