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    Mobile C -Arm X-Ray Machine (5KW)

Mobile C -Arm X-Ray Machine (5KW)

Mobile C -Arm X-Ray Machine

Compact design, light and handy, easy to move and operate. The pulsed expo- sure mode produces superb image contrast. Powerful digital fluoroscopy system, for specialized minimally invasive procedures and routine surgical interventions.

High tension generator:
Output power: 5kW
Invertor: 100kHz,PWM
Power supply: single phase ac 220V, 7.5kVA, inner resistor≤0.8Ω
Radiography : 40-120kV, 18-80mA, 1-160mAs
Fluoroscopy : 40-120 kV, 0.4-4 mA
Pulse exposure: 40-120kV, 18-80mA, 15-50pulses/s according to imagine sensor, max 255 pulses in single exposure.
Display: 320×240 pixel LCD

X-ray tube: stationary anode, small focus 0.5mm/0.8kW, large focus 1.6mm/5kW
X-ray image intensifier: 9″
Grid: JPI, 8:1, 103lines/inch, 1m
Camera: two options

Mobile C -Arm X-Ray Machine (5KW) technology

Image process:
PC: Intel i3 3.0GHz,1T hard disc,4G memory,23″1920×1080 LCD, windows 7
16 grades noise reduction, vertical and horizontal mirror image, positive and negative image, last frame hold, gamma correction, auto bright and contrast correction, DICOM3.0,medical record management, and so on.

Mobile C -Arm X-Ray Machine (5KW) picture

X-ray field localizer: 4 laser dots

Mechanical specification:
Outer diameter of c-arm: 1.3m
Source to image SID: 1030mm
Operation space: ≥870mm
C-arm vertical movement: ≥400mm, motor drive
C-arm rotation: -180°- +180°,manual
C-arm slide angle: -25°- +90°,manual
C-arm front and back movement: ≥200mm, manual
C-arm horizontal swing: -12.5°- +12.5°,manual
Steering shank with brake: -90°- +90°,manual

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