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Mobile C-Arm

Mobile C-Arm

Main Technology Parameter

1. Power Supply

Power Supply Voltage: AC: 220V±22V          Power Supply: 50Hz±0.5Hz

Power Internal Resistance: 1Ω               Power Supply capacity: 3.5kVA

Overcurrent release characteristic (high-voltage discharge tube): 16A/220V

2. Fluoroscopy Mode & Condition

Manual Fluoroscopy: X-Ray Tube Voltage: 40~110kV(1kV/step),

X-Ray Tube Current: 0.2~5.0mA(0.1mA/step)

IBS Fluoroscopy Mode: X-Ray Tube Voltage: 40~110kV(1kV/step),

X-Ray Tube Current: 0.2~5.0mA(0.1mA/step)

(X-ray tube voltage and x-ray tube current are fixed collection )

Monopulse Fluoroscopy Mode: X-Ray Tube Voltage: 40~110kV(1kV/step),

X-Ray Tube Current: 10mA(fixed)

3. Radiography Mode & Condition

X-Ray Tube Voltage: 40~110kV

X-Ray Tube Current: 25~40mA

Current-Time Product: 0.4~200mAs

4. High Frequency High Voltage Generator

Work Frequency: 40kHz

Max. Tube Voltage: 110kV

Max. Tube Current: 40mA

5. X-Ray Tube Type(Toshiba, Japan)

Type: DF-151SBR

Small Focus: 0.6×0.6(mm2)

Big Focus: 1.5×1.5(mm2)

6. C-Arm Up-Down Travel Range: 400mm

7. C-Arm Front-Back Horizontal Moving Range: 200mm

8. C-Arm Circling Horizontal Axis Rotating Range: ±180°

9. C-Arm Along-Track Sliding Range: -20°~90°

10. C-Arm Swing Angle: ±12.5°

11. The distance between Focus and Image Intensifier Receiving Surface: 957mm

Standard Configuration

1. Main Engine(Include mobile support, console imported from South Korea Poskom ): 1 set

2. X-Ray Generator(imported from South Korea Poskom): 1 unit

3. X-Ray Image Intensifier(4.5″, 6″, 9″triple field): 1 piece

4. Camera(Watec, Japan): 1 piece

5. Monitor(14″): 2 sets

6. Video Image Processing Processor: 1 set

7. Trolley: 1 set


1. High frequency assembly are imported from abroad, and the images are clear.

2. Large screen colorful LCD monitor makes display more direct, operation convenient, human-computer interface harmonious.

3. IBS can promote fluoroscopy function, and meet different clinical needs.

4. Progressive scanning TV system make image more clear and stable.

5. Multi-level noise reduction, last frame freeze, 8-images storage, double monitors.

6. Picture up-down, left-right reversal function, and positive-negative conversion function.

Mobile C-Arm

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