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Mobile dental X-ray machine with digital sensor

Hebei customer saw the mobile dental X-ray machine promoted by Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. on a sales platform and called for consultation. The customer said that he wanted to find a mobile dental X-ray machine with digital sensors.
We confirm to the customer whether it is for dental clinics or hospitals, and whether bidding is required. The customer said it is a bidding project. Ask the customer whether the bidding documents are down. The customer said that it has not. At this stage, we collect product bidding parameters. We send our company mobile to the customer. The product parameters and photos of the dental X-ray machine and digital sensor are as follows for reference. The customer asked whether this mobile dental X-ray machine can be equipped with other imaging systems, and replied that it can also be equipped with film imaging.

Author: Lillian

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