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Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine/C-Arm

Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine/C-Arm

Main Technology Parameter(Factory Internal Configuration code 392B)

1. Power Supply

Single Phase AC: 220V±22V, 50Hz~60Hz, Allowed Max. Power Internal Resistance ≤0.5Ω, 3.5kW

2. Fluoroscopy Mode & Condition

Manual Fluoroscopy: X-Ray Tube Voltage: 40~110kV(1kV/step),

X-Ray Tube Current: 0.3~5.0mA(0.1mA/step)

3. Radiography Mode & Condition

X-Ray Tube Voltage: 40~110kV

X-Ray Tube Current: 31~70mA

Exposure Time: 0.04~3.2s

4. High Frequency High Voltage Generator

Work Frequency: 40kHz

Max. Tube Voltage: 110kV

Max. Tube Current: 70mA

5. X-Ray Tube Type


Small Focus: 0.6×0.6(mm2)

Big Focus: 1.5×1.5(mm2)

6. C-Arm Up-Down Travel Range: 400mm

7. C-Arm Front-Back Horizontal Moving Range: 200mm

8. C-Arm Circling Horizontal Axis Rotating Range: ±180°

9. C-Arm Along-Track Sliding Range: -20°~90°

10. C-Arm Swing Angle: ±12.5°

11. The distance between Focus and Image Intensifier Receiving Surface: 977mm

Standard Configuration

1. Main Engine(Include mobile support, console): 1 set

2. X-Ray Generator: 1 set

3. X-Ray Image Intensifier(4.5″, 6″, 9″triple field): 1 piece

4. Camera(million pixel): 1 piece

5. Monitor(LCD 17″): 2 sets

6. Image Processing Workstation: 1 set

7. Trolley: 1 set


1. High frequency high voltage generator can promote the image quality and reduce radiation dose.

2. The best cost performance is the best choice for the medical organization.

3. IBS can promote fluoroscopy function, and meet different clinical need.

4. Million pixel camera can make image more clear.

5. Recursive noise reduction, Gamma correction, image intensification, last frame hold, film display, 360° rotation.

6. It can store patient info and print pic-word report.

Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine/C-Arm

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