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Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X Ray Machine

1、Widely used in surgery, intervention, general orthopedics, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, trauma, intervertebral discography, pain, operating room and other comprehensive treatment


◆High pressure generator, camera, image processing software, mechanical parts for all my company independent development and design, and strictly control the quality of parts and production processes. Many domestic companies almost no design capabilities, most parts purchased, simple assembly, parts with bad, difficult to guarantee the quality

◆Good quality of the image: the same configuration of domestic products similar to its right, thanks to the entire X-ray image chain (high voltage generator, camera, image processing software) components of the good match

◆ China’s first ultra-high frequency 100KHz high voltage generator, the greater the power, the better the image signal to noise ratio, especially in the thicker lumbar when the difference is obvious; 100KHz UHF machine than 40KHz higher efficiency, less radiation

◆ High-definition medical grade CCD camera, Gigabit digital transmission, direct digital imaging. Image resolution ≥22 line pairs / cm.

◆ World famous brand image enhancer, rich layers, stable performance

◆ Laser positioning, accurate and accurate to determine the site of surgery to reduce the number of exposure

◆ Normal perspective for thinner parts, chest, abdomen and other thick parts with ordinary perspective, the image noise, poor contrast, the use of pulse photography, the image quality greatly improved

◆ Full-balanced design, C-arm movement of all the positions can be fully balanced, easy to operate, so with more secure

◆ Computer workstations: dedicated host, a 23-inch (a drag two) wide viewing angle LCD monitor.

◆ Powerful real-time image processing capabilities and user-friendly mode settings make the image clearer and clinically

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