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Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine

Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine

5.0KW Digital 1.4 million Pixel

It is widely used for surgery, invasive technology department, general orthopedics, spine surgery, abdominal surgery, traumatology department, discography, pain management, operating room etc.


1. High voltage, camera, image software,mechanical assembly are designed by our company, whose quality and manufacturing technique are controlled strictly. Most domestic companies almost have no design ability,

whose products are mostly assembled by the outsourcing assemblies, which cannot guarantee the product quality.

2. Image quality is better than same-configuration products from other brand because of the good coordination among the whole x-ray image chain(HV generator, camera, image software).

3. We are first to adopt superhigh frequency 100KHz HV generator. The frequency is larger, the SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) is better, especially when the lumbar spine is thick. As for the 40KHz generator, the frequency of 100KHz superhigh generator is higher, and the radiation is fewer.

4. High definition medical CCD camera, gigabit network digital transmission, digital imaging directly. Image resolution ratio≥22TVL/cm.

5. Image intensifier is from international famous brand, which has rich layers and stable performance.

6. Laser positioning can confirm exposed part during operation correctly, and reduce exposure times.

7. Common fluoroscopy is suitable for the thin body part. The pulse fluoroscopy is more suitable for thick parts, and can make image clearer.

8. Full balance design make c-arm moving position more balanced, and it is more convenient and safe.

9. Computer workstation: Special mainframe. 1 set 23″(one-to-two) wide viewing angle LCD monitor.

10. Powerful timely image processing function and humanized mode setting make image more clear and clinical application more convenient.

Mobile High Frequency Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Machine

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