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Mobile High Frequency Veterinary X-ray Machine

Our Newheek mobile high frequency veterinary x-ray machine is specially produced for pets. The main function is to take photographs of pet cats, dogs and other small animals.
Advantages of mobile high frequency veterinary x-ray machine:
1. Accurate positioning, reliable performance, suitable for general photography; using bridge rectifier combined X-ray generator, can improve the quality of photography
2. Imported filter grid is used to make the image clearer, especially suitable for shooting the rear part of the animal
3. Designed for shooting animals, the operation is more convenient and simple
Mechanical performance: When the X-ray generator window is downward, the distance between the focal point and the film is 1000mm; the X-ray generator rotates at an angle of ±90º around the vertical axis;
If you are interested in our mobile high frequency veterinary x-ray machine, please call.

Author: Lillian

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